• Q&A: Can I Eat Before Yoga Class?

    Food is fuel for our body. It’s what gives us the energy to get through the day. Most people know this, which has them wondering whether or not they should eat and refuel before hitting a yoga class.   The answer to whether you can or should eat before yoga is both yes and no.

  • Move Over Hot Yoga, Snowga is Now Trending

    Move Over Hot Yoga, Snowga is Now Trending

      Winter has a completely different meaning in Florida than other places in the US. While other states are dealing with inches of snow and Polar Vortexes, winter in Florida means we can all leave our homes without getting a heat stroke.   It seems yogis are making the most of their winter wonderlands though.

  • Yoga May Help Those With Asthma

    We all know that being active has a positive effect on our bodies, but for those suffering from health conditions like asthma, exercise has the potential of triggering an attack. The risk of this causes many people with asthma to be reluctant to embrace certain exercises.   Asthma, a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway,

  • Educators Turning to Yoga to Support Children’s Behavior

      For most early childhood educators, behavioral challenges in children are one of the most taxing aspects of their day-to-day work. Behavioral issues such as inattention, hyper-arousal, withdrawal, anger, frustration, learning difficulties, social anxiety, ADHD, and ODD are just a few of the common challenges educators face.   Due to children’s’ brains still developing, many