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Feel the Music with Natya Yoga


Yoga has been taking the US by storm the past few years. The soothing practice strengthens and flexes the mind and body. But if you’re looking for something that is a little more fun and active, consider Natya yoga.


What is Natya Yoga?

Natya yoga is a form that activates all senses. It combines basic yoga poses to a rhythm. It is essentially a combination of yoga and dance! Many dancers utilize yoga to build stamina and flexibility, and now there is a form that combines the two. The mix of dance and yoga increases the awareness of one’s body, breath, and mind.


Dancing and yoga are two very similar practices. Both are about moving the body into proper alignment. The difference is that yoga moves the body to breathe while dance does it to music.


Who is it for?

The great news is that Natya yoga is enjoyable for non-yogis and non-dancers. The dance moves are simple and easy to follow, even if you have two left feet! If you find it difficult to keep your mind focused during yoga this may also be a nice change. Some people also find dance classes too fast or yoga classes too slow. Natya yoga is the perfect middle between the two.


What does it help?

Both yoga and dance provide benefits to the body and mind. Due to Natya yoga poses being choreographed to rhythm, the classes become a form of music therapy. Music is known to have medical benefits, relaxing the mind and body while stimulating all five senses. The pairing of dance and yoga also burns more calories if that interests you!


Final Thoughts

There are so many wonderful types of yoga out there for people to discover. Remember, just because one style doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean another one won’t! Both yogis and dancers will love Natya yoga. Check out our schedule or contact us to sign up for a class today!