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4 Tips for Avoiding Wrist Pain During Yoga


One of the most common yoga injuries we see is wrist pain. This can come from people not planting their hand correctly during certain positions. In yoga, rooting your hand correctly is just as vital as rooting your feet. However, wrist injuries are definitely avoidable with the right technique! Here are a few tips to avoid feeling any wrist pain during or after a yoga class.


Palm Suction

A great tip for grounding your hand is to imagine that the palm of your hand is like a suction cup. When you place your hand flat down, you may even feel your hand suction to the mat a bit, which is ideal! If you image the center of your hand is the suction, it makes it easier to root your weight into the other areas of the hand.


Collapsing Wrist

One of the worst things you can do during a yoga class is to collapse all of your weight onto the bottom part of your hand near the wrist. This puts a strain on the wrist and can lead to pain or damage. Keep your weight on the palm and fingers!


Finger Pressure

The whole hand should go on the mat, but certain areas should carry more weight. Press harder with your thumb, index finger, and the pads of the palm under the thumb, forefinger, and pinky. This will give your hands a solid foundation.


Don’t Lift

When you’re in position, make sure that you do not lift the web part between the thumb and pointer finger. When this happens, it shifts the weight to the wrist, which leads to pain. Keep it firmly planted on the mat!


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