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Holistic Benefits Of Practicing Tree Pose

Tree Pose, otherwise known as “Vrksasana”, is probably one of the first yoga poses you learned. Although it appears to be simple enough – balance on one leg with hands together at center – it’s actually quite physically challenging for your hips, ankles, and not to mention balance! You can also increase the difficulty by placing your bent leg higher up as you get more practice – start out at your shin if it’s difficult to balance and work your way up to above your knee once you improve.

But did you know that Tree Pose has so many health benefits? Here we cover just a few of the most important.

Relaxes Your Mind & Body

Spending even just a few breaths in this pose creates peace in your mind and allows your body to slow down. As you concentrate on breathing and remaining still in this balancing pose, any anxiety or stress just melts away. This pose is especially useful to return to after a busy week or first thing in the morning to regain concentration, ground your mind, and be ready to take on the day.


This fundamental pose strengthens your balance and core so you can smoothly transition from pose to pose. It also strengthens the muscles in your feet, which can be especially useful for those with poor arch support or those who run! Standing on one leg increases your overall strength in your legs and ankles, which prepares you for more difficult yoga poses.

Posture & Self Esteem

Standing tall and proud (like a 100 year oak tree!) boosts your self-confidence and your posture while opening your heart. Controlling how high you lift your leg is good practice for your pelvic health and improves your overall posture as well.

Deep Breathing

Tree Pose allows your diaphragm create space to breathe deeply and invigorate your body with fresh air and relaxation while you hold your hands at your heart.

So instead of an apple a day, try a tree a day to keep the doctor away!  What are some of your other favorite yoga poses?