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7 Things to Know Before Starting Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is becoming incredibly popular, but there are still lots of information people don’t have about it. According to yogis, here are 7 things everyone should know before starting to take aerial yoga classes!


It’s Easy and Made for Everyone

Some people worry that a thin hammock won’t be able to support their weight. The hammocks are made from high-density nylon that can hold up to 2,000 pounds! So don’t worry, it may take some time for you to trust it but it will definitely hold your weight. This means aerial yoga is perfect for people of all sizes. Because your body is suspended too, it can be easier on the joints.


Aerial yoga is a style that sounds more intimidating than it is. Classes are smaller so you’ll get more attention from the instructor. We also offer beginner aerial yoga, so don’t worry about coming in with no knowledge of it. We’re happy to guide you through it!


Leave Behind the Lotion, Perfume, and Jewelry

The hammocks used in aerial yoga are pretty strong, but they’re not invincible! They can snag and rip if something catches it, which is why it’s best to not wear jewelry. So take off watches, rings, necklaces, or protruding piercings beforehand- anything that can snag shouldn’t come with you into class!


Strong scents are also best avoided. No one wants to smell while working out, but avoid wearing strong scents. Perfume, cologne, essential oils, and scented lotion can linger on the hammock. As these multiple scents build up and combine with sweat…well, it’s a bit unpleasant. Lotion and oils can also loosen your grip, which can cause injuries.


Cover the Armpits and Knees

The right clothing really depends on what style of yoga you’re practicing. For aerial yoga, it’s best to wear fitting comfortable clothing. Avoid anything with embellishments, buckles, or items that can snag the hammock as mentioned above.


There is a lot of movement on the hammocks during aerial yoga, so we recommend you wear clothing that covers the legs and armpits. This will prevent painful chafing or irritation as you move. Some people also wear ankle and wrist braces for protection, but that’s an individual choice.


There are Different Styles

Just how there are different styles of yoga, there are subcategories for aerial yoga too. Each one is unique, and you may have to try a few classes and teachers to find the perfect fit. Some emphasize restorative yoga while other’s focus on alignment.


It’s rare that people find the perfect yoga, or aerial yoga class, on the first try. Don’t be afraid to test out a few different styles or instructors of aerial yoga! Feel free to check out our schedule to see all of the options available. We promise there is an aerial yoga class for you!


It Has Tons of Benefits

Every style of yoga has its own individual benefits, and aerial yoga is no different. Practicing aerial yoga flow has been shown to benefit the mind, body, and soul. Working in a sling challenges the body in new waves, and requires your body to create new neural connections. This helps keep the mind active an healthy.


Aerial yoga also has physical benefits. It drains the lymphatic system, which improves flow and immune functioning. The flipping and flying improve the circulatory system too! It also helps with alignment, restoration, and relaxation.


It’s Not a Good Fit for Everyone

While aerial yoga is great, it might not be for everyone. There is a lot of movement with this style, and not just flowing into poses. The flips and flying mean that people with certain conditions may not do well. If you suffer from vertigo, inner ear conditions, balance issues, have had recent surgery, a head injury, or are prone to fainting or fatigue, aerial yoga may not be for you.


If you’re worried about practicing it’s best to get medical clearance. Also, be sure to let the instructor know if you have any medical conditions. Don’t forget to listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, please stop. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Drink and Eat Accordingly

Eating and drinking healthily are always important to yoga. The flips during aerial yoga make this especially vital though. Drink plenty of water and eat calming foods like bananas.


The flips and movements can unsettle stomachs; especially you’ve recently consumed heavy foods or carbonated drinks. This may cause nausea or vomiting, which is never fun. So make sure to eat well and drink lots of water!