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Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Practitioners have been using yoga for back pain relief for quite some time now. This handy infographic is perfect as…

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga Classes are offered at our studio in Delray Beach – But what exactly is Vinyasa? Vinyasa yoga, literally…

New Private Yoga Classes & Instruction Available

Bamboo Garden Yoga recently packaged new classes for individuals or small groups wishing to hire an instructor for private yoga classes. Add descriptions here about terms of service, limitations, marketing ideas on corporate bookings for their own company wellness sessions.

Prescription Yoga for Your Health and Wellbeing

If you are like most people in the western world, you spend a fair amount of time in very unnatural positions. Yoga can be used as a useful tool to help to combat the postural deviations developed by the repeated positions in your daily routine.

About The Connected Warriors Program – Yoga for Veterans

The Bamboo Garden Yoga studio delivers free yoga classes to servicemembers, veterans and their families as a supporter of the Connected Warriors program. The Bamboo Garden Yoga studio is proud to extend the physical & mental health benefits of yoga to the veteran community and servicemembers.