• What is Budokon Yoga?

    What is Budokon Yoga?

    Have you heard about the new yoga class style taking over America? Here is everything you need to know about Budokon yoga! History You won’t find Budokon yoga mentioned in any historical texts. Unlike other popular styles of yoga such as Vinyasa or Yin, Budokon is a 21st-century American creation. In fact, before 2002 it

  • 7 Crazy Yoga Classes That Actually Exists

    7 Crazy Yoga Classes That Actually Exists

    Yoga is about relaxation, balance, and connections. Not everyone finds those things in the same manner though. Luckily, yoga classes are a constantly evolving practice. As its popularity continues to spread, more people are adding fun elements to classes. These elements might be a little surprising, some even a little weird, but not everyone learns

  • How to Burn More Calories in Yoga Class for Weightloss

    Yoga classes aren’t meant to be huge calorie-burners. Increasing strength and flexibility and acquiring a sense of calmness and bliss — these are more the focus when moving through postures. You still burn calories, though, and with these tips for yoga classes for weightloss, you can burn even more the next time you hop on

  • 5 Yoga Class Poses That Will Banish Stress!

    5 Yoga Class Poses That Will Banish Stress!

    Even the most zen yogi can feel overwhelmed at times. When things are starting to feel a little crazy and you’re feeling the tension, take a moment to stop and be aware of what your body is telling you. Take a deep breathe, and try these yoga class poses to banish your stress quickly! 1.