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10 Ways To Stay Hydrated For Yoga


Anyone that exercises know how important it is to stay hydrated. Now that it’s finally warming up, it’s the perfect time to do some outdoor yoga. But exercising under the hot Florida sun means that keeping hydrated is more important than ever. The human body loses around 3-4 liters of water every day, and that water loss only increases in warmer weather. Here are 10 tips to keep your body hydrated and ready for yoga.


1. Drink Water As Soon As You Wake Up

Your body continues to lose water even while you sleep. That’s why it’s important to replenish the water your body lost as soon as you wake up. Drinking a full glass of water not only keeps you hydrated, but it will also help you wake up, feel refreshed, and it kick starts your metabolism.


2. Eat Water-Filled Fruit

Chugging water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. Certain fruits have a high concentration of water in them, like melon, watermelon, strawberries, and berries. Eating water-rich fruit is a great way to eat healthily and keep hydrated.


3. Drink Water With Every Meal

It can be tempting to order an ice tea or soda with your meal. But make sure you drink at least one glass of water with every meal. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, drinking water makes you feel fuller so you’re less likely to overeat and feel bloated when you arrive at yoga class.


4. Limit or Cut Out Diuretics

Diuretics are substances that increase the production of urine and the excretion of water and salt from the body. Simply put, they’re substances that make you pee more. Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics and will inhibit your kidney’s ability to absorb water and also make you get rid of what water you do have in your body faster.


5. Wear Breathable Clothing

Most people in Florida know how to dress to beat the heat. It’s extra important to wear breathable clothing when you’re practicing yoga in hotter weather though. The more you sweat, the more water your body loses. Breathable clothing will keep you dry and cool so that your body doesn’t look as much moisture from sweating.


6. Drink Fruit Juices and Smoothies

If drinking a ton of water is difficult for you, or you just want something with a little flavor, swap in some natural fruit juices or smoothies. Not only are these healthy, they’re delicious and hydrating too!


7. Avoid The Hottest Parts of the Day

This one is just common sense, but avoid doing physical activities during the hottest parts of the day. Temperatures are usually the highest during the afternoon. If you want to do some outdoor activities, like beach yoga, do it in the morning or evening when it’s cooler.


8. Remember You’re Always Losing Water

People often think that if they’re not sweating, they’re not losing water. The body natural loses water every time we exhale, even if you’re not hot. So remember to stay hydrated even if you’re not doing any activity.


9. Keep Water Nearby

By the time you register that you’re thirsty, your body is probably already slightly dehydrated. Whether you’re at work, at home, or just out running errands, keep water near you. Not only will you have quick access when your thirst kicks in, it will also be a reminder to keep drinking.


10. Drink Water Before and After Yoga

Going into yoga class well hydrated is important to avoid injury. But don’t stop there. Make sure you make an effort to stay hydrated after yoga too. Grab a smoothie, drink some water, or eat some fruit. Keeping your body hydrated after yoga is just as important as keeping it hydrated before.