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7 Crazy Yoga Classes That Actually Exists

Yoga is about relaxation, balance, and connections. Not everyone finds those things in the same manner though. Luckily, yoga classes are a constantly evolving practice. As its popularity continues to spread, more people are adding fun elements to classes. These elements might be a little surprising, some even a little weird, but not everyone learns in the same way. Maybe a little goat or a little beer is just what some people need to get in touch with their self. Plus, if anything these classes will at least be a blast!


  1. Goat Yoga

They say animals are great for therapy and support. Interacting with animals has a ton of health benefits such as slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It only makes sense that a yoga class would try to incorporate some animals into it to up the soothing factor. Who would expect goats though?  Well, a yoga studio in Oregon offers Goat Yoga, which is the perfect combination of nature, animals, and yoga. During the yoga class, friendly social goats wander around. They even join in!


  1. Beer Yoga

They say you should stay hydrated when exercise, but we’re not sure they meant with alcohol. Still, people really love the beer yoga trend. There are tons of beer yoga classes around the world, some are just located in breweries and other’s actually drinking during the class. Just make sure you’re legal!


  1. Naked Yoga

What better way to get in touch with yourself than doing yoga naked. In New York City, there is a yoga studio that offers small classes of naked yoga. It forces people to get in touch with their body in a way they wouldn’t if they were wearing clothing. The lack of clothing makes people more aware of how their body is moving. Don’t worry about any sexual tension either, since we’re pretty sure that will go out of the window the second sweat starts dripping.


  1. Weed Yoga

Marijuana isn’t legal everywhere, but the places where it is have seen a rise in weed yoga. Yoga is known to relax and open people up. Since weed does the same thing it makes sense the two would go together. Some people swear by doing yoga while high. They say it makes them feel more in tune with their body and mind. If you want to try this type of yoga out you will have to go to a state where it’s legal.


  1. Dog Yoga

Another animal based yoga, this time with dogs! Dogs are great for lowering stress – that’s why they are usually given as therapy animals. Dog Yoga combines stretching, meditation, and massages for dogs and their owners. Dogs are pack animals, and since yoga classes are a collective experience, the two are said to go well together. Just be warned- it can be a struggle to get your dog to behave the first time!


  1. Rave Yoga

Rave yoga sounds just as you’d expect. These classes take place in dark rooms filled with colorful lights, glow sticks, and music. It’s essentially like doing yoga in a club. Usually, the classes start off slow before picking up the pace. If you’re looking for a fun yoga class, rave yoga might be for you.


  1. Aerial Yoga

During aerial yoga, you’ll be using anti-gravity ropes and hammocks. Trying to master yoga poses while not being on the floor adds a level of difficulty that students find invigorating. Aerial yoga tends to work out more muscles than a standard yoga class, but there are classes of all level types available.


So tell us – have you ever been to a crazy yoga class? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to sign-up online for our next yoga class! See you on the mat 🙂