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What is Budokon Yoga?

Have you heard about the new yoga class style taking over America? Here is everything you need to know about Budokon yoga!


You won’t find Budokon yoga mentioned in any historical texts. Unlike other popular styles of yoga such as Vinyasa or Yin, Budokon is a 21st-century American creation. In fact, before 2002 it didn’t even exist.

Budokon started off in Los Angeles as an apparent fad. A man named Cameron Shayne who has dabbled in everything from writing, fighting, and educating, created it. During the 90’s Shayne established himself in California as a pioneer of the mixed movement arts culture bringing together yoga, martial arts, and movement art. He is now going on over 30 years of studying and practicing meditation, martial arts, and yoga.


What is it?

Budokon is Japanese for “the way of the warrior spirit”. The Budokon style is the trifecta of yoga, martial arts, and meditation. With yoga for the soul, martial arts for the body, and meditation for the mind, this program offers it all. Those who practice say the hybrid style offers an intense full-body workout that blends the strength of martial arts movements with the fluidity of yoga.



So what does a typical Budokon yoga session look like? It usually begins with 20 minutes of yoga sun salutations to lighten and open up the body. It’s followed by the martial arts segment, which uses explosive dance-like movements. Finally, a session is ended with guided meditation.

Budokon differs from other yoga styles in a few ways. There’s no breath count, there is no resting, and the movements are slow and precise – similar to Tai Chi. The movements tend to be circular and continuous.



Budokon yoga is not for beginners. Due to the mixed styles, yoga instructors usually recommend people begin with taking a yoga class and a martial arts class to learn the basics before moving into the blended style. Budokon yoga offers a nice change and challenge for those that are already advanced in yoga or fighting.


Budokon yoga isn’t for everyone. Even the founder has said people either hate it or love it. It’s worth a try though if you already feel you are at the top of your game in fighting (martial arts, boxing etc.) or yoga. Check out our class schedule or contact us to see when out next Budokon yoga class is! We look forward to seeing you. Namaste!