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Hospitals Warn Patients Yoga Pants May Cause Burns In MRIs


Yoga pants are known to help people burn fat, but they can also burn your skin hospitals warn. Hospitals have seen multiple instances where patients wearing yoga pants and other athletic wear got burned after wearing them inside MRI machines.


Popular athletic brands, such as Lululemon, have started using metallic fibers in their clothing. These metal threats help prevent bacteria from building up and keep odor at bay. MRI machines are giant magnets though, and wearing metallic fibers inside can cause them to heat up resulting in burns.


Hospitals all over the country are now plastering their radiology units with signs warning patients. Doctors know most patients are unaware that their comfy clothing can cause serious damage. Patients are often surprised when they’re asked to change out of their Lycra and spandex clothing before entering MRI Machines.


Radiologists have been warning patients for a long time about wearing clothing with metallic features or jewelry into the machines. But now that more clothing companies are using metallic fibers they have to ban athleisure wear too. Some medical facilities have banned clothing from brands such as Lululemon, Gap’s Athleta brand, Columbia Sportswear, and Omni-Heat.


Doctors encourage patients to check their clothing to see if they contain metallic fibers before going to the hospital. They may still require patients to change out of precaution even if the clothing label doesn’t say anything. Recently, an 11-year-old girl received second-degree burns from an undershirt she wore into the MRI machine. The metallic fibers in it weren’t detected with a wand metal detector and the label didn’t mention the presence of metal fibers.


Metal materials in clothing aren’t always visible, especially as technology improves. And since such a small percentage of the overall material contains metallic fibers, clothing brands may not indicate it on the label. Look for words like “anti-microbial” or “anti-bacterial” on the label, as these often signal this sort of fiber was used.


Doctors encourage patients to wear simple cotton shirts or be prepared to change into paper hospital gowns. They recommend not wearing any sort of athletic wear to the hospital, especially for planned MRIs.


If a patient feels a burning sensation during an MRI they should press the emergency button and stop the procedure immediately. They should also examine all of their clothing labels, including undergarments, before going in. When in doubt, change into a hospital gown.