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5 Yoga Class Poses That Will Banish Stress!

Even the most zen yogi can feel overwhelmed at times. When things are starting to feel a little crazy and you’re feeling the tension, take a moment to stop and be aware of what your body is telling you. Take a deep breathe, and try these yoga class poses to banish your stress quickly!

1. Downward Dog


This pose helps to bring oxygenated blood throughout your body, leaving you feeling recharged and allowing the tension to flow out.

2. Standing Forward Bend


Let go of it all as you slowly fold forwards, feeling your anxiety melt away. Let go of any tension in your head, neck, and shoulders as your body releases into gentle relaxation.

3. Childs Pose


This pose is amazing for breathing deeply and relaxing into the floor as you let go of all tension. Stay here for as long as you need to feel refreshed.

4. Head To Knee Pose


This pose gives your hips and hamstrings a gentle stretch.

5. Legs Up The Wall


If your pressed for time and can only do one yoga pose, try this. Grab your mat and find the closest wall, bringing your legs up to the sky and feeling a gentle stretch in your lower back and the backs of your legs. Take a few deep breaths in this yoga pose and you’ll instantly feel calmer!

So now that you’re all relaxed, you can go back to feeling good and exuding positive energy! We hope to see you at our Yoga studio in Delray Beach soon, sign-up online for a yoga class or just drop by!