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About The Connected Warriors Program - Yoga for Veterans

The Bamboo Garden Yoga studio delivers free yoga for veterans, service members, and their families as a supporter of the Connected Warriors program.

The Bamboo Garden Yoga studio is proud to extend the physical & mental health benefits of yoga to the veteran community and service members. Our yoga instructors manage the free classes, which often include a number of volunteer assistants based on the age and mobility of the students.

Caroline, one of our instructors would like to share the positive experience of one of her students, John Uram. John served in Vietnam Oct 15 1968 to Oct 15 1969. Cu Chi. 1/5 – 25th – Infantry Division.

Here is what John personally would like to share with others about the Connected Warriors program:

I am a combat veteran, I cam home from Vietnam with a lot of excessive luggage. I brought home nightmares, edginess, anger, survival guilt, all symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress.

While I was at my vet center, I picked up a pamphlet ‘Yoga Help for PTSD.’ I went to my first Connected Warriors class at Yoga South. I met and talked to the people who are responsible for this program, the greatest people I have met. The more I went to class, the more I learned, not just the physical part, but the most important is the mental benefits. To control your breathing, you control your anger and control your stress for a better quality of life.

Connected Warriors Yoga

Connected Warriors Yoga

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