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  • 13NOV

    Yoga and Meditation Are the Top Alternative Health Approaches

      Two of the most ancient practices in the world, yoga, and meditation, have grown rapidly in the US in recent years. They are now officially the two most popular alternative health approaches in the US. Around 35 million adults use these practices each year.   Two new reports from the Centers for Disease Control

  • 05NOV

    6 Reasons Why Yoga Pants Smells So Bad & How to Fix It

      Any yogi knows that smell. It’s the smell of sweat that seems to never leave your favorite yoga pants no matter how often they’re washed. It may cause you to wash your leggings until they’re in shreds or maybe you find yourself buying new pairs more often because of it. Everyone can agree that

  • 16OCT
    4 Tips for Avoiding Wrist Pain During Yoga

    4 Tips for Avoiding Wrist Pain During Yoga

      One of the most common yoga injuries we see is wrist pain. This can come from people not planting their hand correctly during certain positions. In yoga, rooting your hand correctly is just as vital as rooting your feet. Here are a few tips to avoid feeling any wrist pain during or after a

  • 09OCT

    5 Interesting Facts About Laughter Yoga

      Most people recognize the power of laughter, but did you know it can be combined with yoga for even better results? Laughter Yoga has been gaining popularity recently. Wondering what it’s all about? Here are a few interesting pieces of information about yoga laughter!   It Uses Prolonged Voluntary Laughter Laughter Yoga is a

  • 02OCT

    Tips for Finding the Right Yoga Class For You

      Not all yoga classes are the same. When people hear “yoga” many think of one singular type, but yoga is more of a category. There are many different types of yoga, each offering its own benefits. Finding the right yoga class isn’t always easy, but we promise there is a class out there for