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Unspoken Rules of Yoga Class Everyone Should Know


Most yoga studios have a few rules they notify clients about, but mostly these classes operate on unspoken rules of common sense. But as they say, common sense isn’t so common these days. So here are the unspoken rules that everyone should follow when taking a yoga class.


Do Not Use Your Phone

Unless there is an emergency that needs your immediate attention, you shouldn’t be on your phone. Cell phones are not only distracting to yourself, your fellow yogis, and your instructor, but this distraction can also be dangerous and cause injuries. Do everyone a favor, keep your cell phone away and on silent.


Do Not Disrupt The Class

This one should be really obvious, and yet people still break it. If you have to leave early or are arriving late, try to make as little of a disruption as possible. Sit in the back, don’t make loud noises, and try to keep the focus on the instructor, not you. Disrupting the class can ruin it for everyone.


Do Not Judge

Yoga is a judgment-free zone. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable practicing in a class. It doesn’t matter how old someone is, what gender they are, what they’re wearing, how they look, or how difficult the positions they can do. Yoga is a time for self-reflection, so look inwards not outwards.


Do Not Correct Others

Look, unless you’re the instructor of the yoga class, don’t try to correct or help others. Even if you’ve been practicing yoga your entire life or are a teacher yourself, it’s not your place to correct others. Leave that to the instructor of the current class. That’s what they’re there for. Even if you mean well, it might come off feeling like judgment or you may disturb those around you.


Do Not Talk

Yoga class is a time for distressing, but that doesn’t mean talking. Having a conversation before or after class is perfectly fine, but once class begins its time to pay attention. Talking could distract others and cause them to miss instructors. Depending on the style of yoga and the teacher there may be a moment where laughter or some small conversations are appropriate, but for the most part, it’s a time to listen, not talk.


Do Not Leave Behind Garbage

Yoga instructors are not maids. Their job is to teach you, not clean up after you. Make sure to pick up after yourself when you leave a class. That means taking all of your belonging, including any trash, with you. Leaving behind water bottles, food wrappers, and other garbage isn’t nice or acceptable. Be an adult, pick up after yourself.



The unspoken rules around yoga class aren’t that different from other places. It simply comes down to respecting yourself and those around you. Just remember, if you wouldn’t like someone doing it while you’re trying to concentrate during yoga, then don’t do it yourself. Feel free to check out our schedule and sign up for one of our yoga classes. We look forward to seeing you!