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  • 20DEC

    The Biggest Mistakes New Yogis Can Make

    Yoga is a form of exercise that benefits both the body and the mind. It brings mental relaxation and is wonderful to destress. It also works wonders on the body, improving strength, flexibility, circulation and posture. The second hand benefits are also numerous, including increased concentration and an improved immune system. There’s a type of

  • 14DEC
    Just a Few of the Benefits of Beach Yoga

    Just a Few of the Benefits of Beach Yoga

    Whether you take a class or do it on your own, there are countless benefits of doing yoga on the beach. The sand, sun and breeze all make for a relaxing environment that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Always be sure to stay hydrated and use sun block when doing beach yoga though as you’ll

  • 07DEC

    Best Yoga Positions to Sooth An Aching Back

    Yoga is not only a great form of exercise to build strength and lose weight, but it also does wonders at relieve pain in the body. Different poses can help stretch, strengthen and relieve pain in certain muscles. If you suffer from an aching or painful back, think about trying these yoga positions to help

  • 30NOV
    Reasons Why Yoga for Kids is Great

    Reasons Why Yoga for Kids is Great

    Yoga is getting even more popular and attracts more and more people every day. People of all ages and from all over the world are practicing yoga for various reasons, such as to keep fit, calm their anxiety, or simply as a way of life. Some schools  have even integrated yoga for kids into their physical

  • 10NOV

    Yoga Types to Try Based On Your Current Go-To Exercise

    Yoga is a great form of exercise, meditation and relaxation that benefits not only your body but your mind as well. Not only is it great on its own, but yoga also compliments other types of exercise. When it comes to picking a class or deciphering the different types of yoga though, things can get