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  • 23JAN
    7 Best Things to Do After Yoga To Keep the Relaxation Going

    7 Best Things to Do After Yoga To Keep the Relaxation Going

    Yoga is not only a great form of exercise, it’s also an awesome way to de-stress and unwind. That state of relaxation doesn’t have to end the moment you get up from the Savasana position either. Here are seven great things to do to prolong that state of relaxation you just worked so hard to

  • 13JAN

    Best (& Most Delicious) Post Yoga Class Snacks

    It’s a common misconception that everyone that goes to yoga classes regularly is vegetarian, vegan or eats super healthy. The truth is some people work out just to counter act the unhealthy snacks they eat. Not that we recommend that, but that’s just reality. Just because you practice yoga doesn’t mean you have to turn

  • 03JAN

    Bad Behaviors to Avoid In a Yoga Class

    Like anything in life, there are certain unspoken rules and yoga class etiquette. Certain actions and attitudes can vastly shift the energy of a class, throwing off the instructor’s focus or even impact the safety of the class. No one wants to be that person, so be sure to avoid these bad behaviors at your

  • 20DEC

    The Biggest Mistakes New Yogis Can Make

    Yoga is a form of exercise that benefits both the body and the mind. It brings mental relaxation and is wonderful to destress. It also works wonders on the body, improving strength, flexibility, circulation and posture. The second hand benefits are also numerous, including increased concentration and an improved immune system. There’s a type of

  • 07DEC

    Best Yoga Positions to Sooth An Aching Back

    Yoga is not only a great form of exercise to build strength and lose weight, but it also does wonders at relieve pain in the body. Different poses can help stretch, strengthen and relieve pain in certain muscles. If you suffer from an aching or painful back, think about trying these yoga positions to help