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  • 13AUG

    6 Tips for a Solid Yoga Foundation

      Finding balance is one of the main goals in yoga, but that doesn’t always mean spiritual balance. Physical balance is important to safely practicing the art of yoga. Having a steady foundation means you can effectively flow between the poses and focus on breathing and being mindful. Here are a few tips on how

  • 07AUG
    6 Meditations Tips for Beginners

    6 Meditations Tips for Beginners

      Meditation is a practice that can improve someone’s physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing, but it isn’t easy. Turning one’s mind off can be a challenge, especially for beginners. The skills learned during meditations are worth the effort though. Here are a few tips to help beginners master meditations.   1. Practice Everyday Meditation

  • 23JUL

    5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Teenagers

      We were all teenagers once, in the throes of angst and confusion that mark adolescents. Being a teenager can be overwhelming, which is why yoga is such a great experience for teens. It can help them deal with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes that adolescents go through. Here are a few benefits

  • 10JUL

    6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Child’s Memory Including Yoga

        In the digital age we live in, children’s ability to focus and retain information has diminished. A new study showed that people generally lose concentration after about 8 seconds. Children need a healthy memory in order to succeed in life. Here are 6 natural ways to help improve your child’s memory.   Breathing

  • 03JUL
    Yoga Studios Are Now Handing Out Consent Cards

    Yoga Studios Are Now Handing Out Consent Cards

      In the #MeToo era, the discussion around consent is more prevalent than ever. Yoga has one of the most intimate workout environment, where touching strangers is often required. Many yoga teachers give hands-on assistance or adjustments, but as helpful as this is it doesn’t make everyone feel comfortable.   Whether someone has a history