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Reasons Why Yoga for Kids is Great

Yoga is getting even more popular and attracts more and more people every day. People of all ages and from all over the world are practicing yoga for various reasons, such as to keep fit, calm their anxiety, or simply as a way of life.

Some schools  have even integrated yoga for kids into their physical educational curriculum, a fantastic idea as yoga could be a very important teaching tool.

Yoga for kids poses many benefits to the developing mind and body. The following are three examples.

1. Yoga develops children physically and mentally.

Yoga is not just a fun activity: it also helps children stay physically active. Just like adults who do yoga classes, kids improve their strength, flexibility, and balance by performing asanas.  Kids also benefit from increased endurance and stamina.

Practicing yoga is also calming for kids. It regulates their emotions, improves their concentration, relieves stress, and provides various other mental health benefits.

2. Yoga increases children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Yoga is not a competitive form of physical fitness. There are no right or wrong movements. Children can practice pose variations that are tailored to their abilities, so that each child feels comfortable and at ease while exploring movement.

Yoga teaches kids how to listen to and connect with their body and, as a result, they feel more self-confident.

3. Yoga teaches children the art of mindfulness.

Breath is the life force. Yogic breathing calms the mind, body, and soul, connecting them and protecting them from every stressful situation.

By learning yoga, children not only learn how to breathe properly. They also learn about the importance of breathing to their lives. When they learn how to focus on their breathing, they automatically become mindful and present in every situation of their life.