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7 Best Things to Do After Yoga To Keep the Relaxation Going

Yoga is not only a great form of exercise, it’s also an awesome way to de-stress and unwind. That state of relaxation doesn’t have to end the moment you get up from the Savasana position either. Here are seven great things to do to prolong that state of relaxation you just worked so hard to achieve.

1. Get Something to Eat

Food is not only delicious, but it also brings people happiness. It’s also important to add calories to your body so you don’t crash. If you’re into being a good yogi, smoothies, fruit, and other healthy snacks are the perfect way to refuel your body. If you’re all about rewarding yourself for having worked out at all, go out and enjoy that burger. Whether you’re grabbing a smoothie for some “me” time or getting brunch with your friends, eating is a great way to stay relaxed and de-stressed.

2. Read a Book

Reading is a great way to stay relaxed after a yoga class. What better way to ignore the stress of the world than getting lost in another? Whether you’re into fiction, mystery or even just prefer the latest gossip magazine, reading is great for keeping your mental state balanced. Bonus relaxation points if you find a comfy spot in some cool undiscovered park or café.

3. Get a Massage

What could be better after a work out than a massage? Yoga is all about stretching and relaxing the body’s muscles but that doesn’t mean you still don’t get sore spots or knots. Now that you’ve balanced your chakras, you deserve that shoulder rub. A massage is a perfect way to keep the post-yoga relaxation going. Whether you beg your significant other or pay a professional, the result of the prolonged state of relaxation will be the same.

4. Listen to Music   

Much like getting lost in a book, zoning out and enjoying music is a great way to stay stress-free. It doesn’t even have to be that soothing whimsical stuff they play during yoga class either. Whatever music genre you enjoy, whether it’s jazz or heavy metal, the result will be the same. As long as it brings you happiness, jam away.

5. Take a Bath

A bath is a great way to keep the relaxation going after a yoga class. It serves a duel purpose too- getting you clean and keeping you de-stressed. You can add scented oil, bubbles, light some candles or just keep it simple and take a plain one. Either way, the hot water and alone time will do wonders for both your body and mind.

6. Color

Hear us out on this one. Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. Adult coloring books is a very real thing and they often include pictures that are more artwork than cartoon farm animals. Many of them include pictures of soothing mandalas or beautiful designs. Or if you’re into something more fun, most popular TV shows and movies have adult coloring books now. Overall, coloring is a great way to zone out and get some relaxing “me” time after your yoga session.

7. Take a Nap

Hey, you worked hard. For some people, exercising comes as easy as breathing or is as fun as a theme park. For others, just making it to a yoga class is a huge accomplishment and deserves a pat on the back. Yoga is also a difficult and strenuous activity, despite its relaxing results. If you’re tired after, treat yourself to a wonderful catnap and prolong your state of relaxation by getting lost in your dreams. 

The best way to keep your post-yoga relaxation is to do something that makes you happy and brings you no stress. Whether it’s one of the above suggestions or something else you love, go out and do it. Yoga is all about being calm physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever activities also help you achieve peace in those areas is the perfect thing to do.