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Best (& Most Delicious) Post Yoga Class Snacks

It’s a common misconception that everyone that goes to yoga classes regularly is vegetarian, vegan or eats super healthy. The truth is some people work out just to counter act the unhealthy snacks they eat. Not that we recommend that, but that’s just reality. Just because you practice yoga doesn’t mean you have to turn into a health nut but if you’re interested in eating a healthy snack after you next yoga class consider these options.

When To Eat
Your body needs fuel both before and after practicing yoga. The food helps you have energy through the workout and helps your body recover afterwards. It’s recommended that you eat about two hours before practicing yoga so that you don’t feel stuffed and you can breath easily. If you’re starving or need a little snack right before hand try some fruit or nuts to give you a little burst of energy to get you through.

Here are some healthy snacks to help you recover post yoga:

Almond Butter and Banana Toast
This snack is great because it gives you a bunch of nutrients your body needs after a workout. Between the almond butter, toast and banana you get fiber, protein, potassium and “good fats”.

Avocado Toast
Avocado toast is has become a really trendy food lately but that’s because it’s both healthy and delicious. Avocados are full of healthy fats that will leave you full and satisfied while a whole grain toast will with your body carbohydrates for energy. You can even top the toast with some tomatoes, salt and pepper for some extra flavor.

Fruit Smoothie
Fruit, either plain or in a smoothie, is a great snack to have after yoga. It’s full of sugar, vitamins and other nutrients that are great for your body. The great thing about a smoothie too is that you can tailor it to your liking. It can be all fruit or you can throw some veggies in there too. If you want something more filling you can even add protein powder to make it a protein shake.

Greek Yogurt and Granola
Greek yogurt is packed with protein and calcium which boost healing. The granola will give you energy and fiber also. You can add other healthy ingredients like nuts or fruit to this snack too.

Coconut Water
Okay, coconut water might not technically be a snack, but re-hydrating your body after a workout is important. Coconut water is an ideal beverage because unlike regular water it is loaded with electrolytes that help you recover faster.

You don’t have to be vegan, vegetarian or a general health nut to be a good yogi. But replenishing your body with these snacks will make you feel better in the long run than other unhealthy options. These snacks are great too because they’re customizable to suit your preferences, as well as being tasty and healthy.