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See Colors When You Meditate? Here’s What They Mean


Meditation is becoming more popular, and that’s a good thing. It allows people to slow down, quiet their mind, and get in touch with themselves. One is supposed to keep the mind clear, but people often say they see colors in their mind during meditation. Not everyone believes in chakras, and that’s fine! Just enjoy the beautiful colors as your mind relaxes. But if you’re wondering what those colors mean here’s what you should know.


The body has energy centers, called chakras. Each of these is associated with a different color, and yogis believe that if you see a certain color it’s because of a certain chakra.



Seeing a white light during meditation? That’s because of your crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head. This chakra is connected to source energy and is associated with our intuitions. When blocked, it can lead to anxiety, disassociation, and headaches.



The third eye chakra, located between the eyebrows, is associated with the color purple. The third eye is important in a lot of cultures and is thought to have clairvoyance powers. It essentially allows us to see the big picture and gain wisdom.



If you’re seeing the color blue, that is connected to your throat chakra. This chakra often gets blocked when we don’t speak our truth. It deals with people’s ability to communicate and express themselves.



The color green is connected to the heart chakra, which often surprises people. This chakra can become blocked from pain or trauma, but when it flows is opens us up to give and receive love. Inner peace, forgiveness, and compassion are all associated with this chakra.



Yellow is associated with the navel chakra. When balanced, this chakra can help you feel alive and confident. It’s related to inner power and potential. If it’s blocked, you may feel fearful or stagnant in life.



The sacral, or pelvic, chakra is connected to the color orange. As you may have guessed by the location, this chakra influences reproductive and sexual organs. It’s where one’s sexual and creative energy is held.



Red is a color that is liked to the root chakra, located at the base of the tailbone. As the name implies, this chakra keeps us grounded. It’s what connects us to the Earth, reality, and life. When blocked, people often have issues with money, career, food, and a general sense of belonging.


Why Are You Seeing Colors?

Now that you know what the different colors mean, you’re probably wondering why you’re seeing them. There are a few reasons. It would be because that chakra is blocked and it’s guiding you to work on it. Alternatively, it could mean the opposite and be signaling that this chakra is flowing nicely! If you seek answers during meditation, the colors could also signal where to find them. For example, if you’re asking yourself “what is holding me back in life” and see the color blue that could mean you’re not speaking your truth.


Yoga is one way that people can work on opening up and balancing their chakras. Check out our schedule and sign up for a yoga class to get started on letting those chakras flow!