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Vinyasa Flow Routine For Beginners

Have you tried our Vinyasa yoga class and just can’t get enough? This beginners routine will guide you through practicing Vinyasa yoga at home inbetween yoga classes! Even if you haven’t been to our Delray Beach yoga studio yet, try out this sequence at home to get a feel for the flow of vinyasa.

  1. Mountain Pose transitioning into Upward Salute
    From mountain pose (standing tall with your hands pressed together), slowly inhale our arms with your palms facing upwards. Allow your palms to gently touch together above your head while you breathe energy upwards. Exhale slowly and bring hands down to heart center. Repeat 5 times, slowing down with each repetition.
  2. Upward Salute transitioning into Forward Fold
    Slowly sway side to side, gently opening up your body and letting go of your surroundings. When back to center, exhale both arms downwards and allow your head to gently fall forwards into the fold.
  3.  Forward Fold transitioning into Standing Half Forward Bend
    As you inhale, lengthen the spine all the way to your ears. Soften the face, release the legs back, and stretch forward.
  4. Standing Half Forward Bend to Mountain Pose
    Slowly bend your knees and rise up, lifting your arms to heart center. Keep your shoulders back, being aware of your posture. Inhale and exhale deeply for 5 breaths. Bow the head gently to end your practice.

This is the most basic Vinyasa flow routine for beginners. From here, you can add and modify many different poses as you see fit. Browse the rest of our blog to discover new yoga poses to include in your personalized routine!

Enjoy practicing and see you at our next Vinyasa yoga class! Sign-up online here.