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What To Wear To Different Yoga Classes

After deciding which yoga class to take the next struggle is figuring out what to wear. Each type of yoga class does something different and calls for different clothing. Yoga is thought of as a singular activity but there are many differences depending on the style and class. Some require more stretching other’s more movement. Basing your clothing accordingly will ensure you have the most positive experience possible.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a gentler form, good for beginners. This type of yoga incorporated simple poses that promote stress-relief. Hatha yoga classes it’s best to wear something comfortable. You can either go with tight yoga pants or looser drawstring sweat pants. You won’t be required to get into any extreme positions but just make sure that you can move. It’s hard to get comfortable and relaxed in a yoga class if your clothes are making you feel uncomfortable.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is quicker paced and more athletic than other types. Deep stretches, twisting, and the use of props like bands and blocks are common. It’s best to wear tight yoga pants that are sweat wick for ashtanga yoga classes. Pair them with a fitted tank that won’t fall down when you bend upside down. Ashtanga yoga will require you to twist a lot and hold poses for a while so make sure your clothing doesn’t restrict you.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga classes are incredibly popular these days. Classes take place in a room that is hotter than a normal class. This increases sweat and makes muscles looser. Baggy clothing isn’t recommended here, as you’ll leave looking like you were just in a wet t-shirt contest. Form fitting, sweat wick, clothing is best. Even adding a headband is smart to keep the sweat out of your face. We also recommend bringing a hand towel for wiping your body when necessary. Wearing the least amount clothing possible, within the norms of appropriate wear, is best to help keep your body as cool as possible. Bicycle shorts, tank tops, and sports bras are great for hot yoga classes.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga classes are also done in rooms that are hotter than normal. These classes go longer than most and consist of the same 26 poses. All of these poses are super deep stretches. You can wear similar clothing for hot and Bikram yoga classes. Mesh, bike shorts, tanks, and sports bras are all recommended. Avoid cotton, as it will just get drenched in sweat. Avoid anything too heavy or that will tangle you up in too.

Power/Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is about breathing and flow between poses. These classes are heavy on movement and less about holding poses. Due to all the movement make sure that wear something fitted that won’t cause you to get tangled up in. There’s a big breathing element to vinyasa yoga classes though so don’t wear anything too tight or constricting that will impair your breathing.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga classes are more about meditation than other forms. During these classes, you’ll be guided through deep, slow stretches that you’ll hold for long periods of time. These will require endurance and flexibility. Make sure the clothing you wear are super stretchy and comfortable.

When it comes to deciding what to wear to a yoga class there are two things that you should consider, comfort and safety. Comfort helps keep you in the relaxed, stress-free state that yoga promotes. Safety is also vital to making sure that you don’t injure yourself. Never wear clothing that will cause you to overheat or get tangled up in.

Remember, there are different types of yoga out there each calling for different clothing. Sign up for one of our classes today to experience the joy of yoga yourself. We hope to see you soon! Namaste.