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How Safe Is It To Practice Yoga During Pregnancy?

When women find out they’re pregnant they’re faced with the struggle of finding the balance between getting enough exercise and not overdoing it. Yoga classes can be an extremely beneficial exercise during pregnancy, but there are certain precautions that should be taken.


Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has tons of benefits for both mom and baby. It helps you breathe and relax, which is great for your adjusting body, fluxing emotions, and busy mind. Opening up the body and stretching provides physical benefits that aid with the physical changes a body goes through during pregnancy and delivery. Other benefits include better balance, increased circulation, and building up stamina and strength. You can read all about the benefits yoga provides you during pregnancy here.


Types of Yoga

Yoga studios usually offer specified prenatal yoga classes. These are specially tailored for pregnant women. These classes are great because they are focused on helping a changing body and are set to a good pace. However, you can definitely take regular yoga classes as well. Most doctors say it’s perfectly fine to maintain exercise during pregnancy unless there are complications or it is a high-risk pregnancy.


If you are taking a regular yoga class make sure you tell the instructor so they are aware. Avoid being on your back during the first trimester and during the second and third, when you start to become off balanced, make sure you do any standing poses with support. Be careful with stretching too, since you are at greater risk for strains and pulls. Also, stay clear of hot yoga classes since working out in an overheated room can endanger the health of your baby. Make sure you stay hydrated and don’t push yourself too hard.


Risks of Yoga While Pregnant

There are some risks women should be aware of regarding practicing yoga while pregnant. Certain poses may reduce blood flow to the uterus, potentially harming the baby. Some poses may also require balance that you won’t have with a large stomach. Attempting these could lead to falling and sustaining injuries. Since the body is constantly changing, stretching, and growing during pregnancy there is an increased risk of straining and pulling muscles.


To limit the chances of these risks, and potentially avoid them, make sure that you stay hydrated. It’s incredibly important to maintain hydration during pregnancy. Listen to your body during class, even in a prenatal yoga class. If you don’t feel comfortable trying a certain position, don’t force yourself into it. Every pregnant woman is different, what other’s can do you may not be able to.



Don’t be afraid to partake in yoga during your pregnancy. If you have concerns feel free to ask your doctor about it. Communicate your pregnancy with the instructor, look into prenatal classes, and listen to your body. Yoga has many benefits for both mother and baby. Sign up for a class today!