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6 Tips for a Solid Yoga Foundation


Finding balance is one of the main goals in yoga, but that doesn’t always mean spiritual balance. Physical balance is important to safely practicing the art of yoga. Having a steady foundation means you can effectively flow between the poses and focus on breathing and being mindful. Here are a few tips on how to ground your feet and have a solid foundation for yoga.


Root Weight

One of the biggest mistakes people make when first practicing yoga is putting weight on the wrong part of their feet. This can lead to poor balance and can even cause injuries. Make sure to root your weight into the balls and heel of your feet.


Imagine Suction

Feet don’t typically suction to the floor, but visualizing it can help with balance. Imagine the center of your foot is suctioned to the floor. This helps you keep the weight on the balls and heel rather than the center. Picture energy radiated across the arch of your feet!


Spread Toes

The toes might be small, but they’re mighty when it comes to having a solid foundation. People tend to underutilize them in yoga, but flexing your toes in the right way can make a big difference. Spread out your toes and plant them firmly into your mat when practicing yoga, this helps give you some grip and aids in balance.


Inner Arch Lifted

Ankle injuries are common in yoga, and they usually come from people planting their feet wrong. One of the biggest mistakes is shifting weight to the inner arch of the foot. This puts a strain on the ankles. Keep that area lifted and don’t let it drop!



Practice is something we preach a lot in yoga. The great thing about feet is that you can practice flexing them almost anywhere. Every time you stand practice grounding your feet properly. It helps if you go barefoot as much as possible too. Walking barefoot also connects you with the Earth, and it’s a popular movement these days.



Here’s the fun part; feet get sore too. In fact, they might be our most used body part. They deserve some pampering, so book a foot massage or give yourself one! This will help with any soreness or tightness and make you ready for your next yoga class!