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Benefits of Bedtime Yoga

Yoga is an exercise all about relaxation and self-revelation. Due to the grounding and calming nature of this practice, there are many benefits of doing yoga before bedtime. While many people promote exercise first thing in the morning for energy, night time exercise is also incredibly beneficial.

Benefits of Bedtime Yoga

As you practice yoga you’ll find your inner self-balancing and your body relaxing. Yoga will relax your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a way to relief the stresses of the day. If you have any physical pains, especially aching muscles or joint pain, then yoga before bed will work them out, providing some relief to allow you to sleep.

Yoga also helps improve the circulatory health of the body. This means blood and energy flow easier through your body. This improves your mood, making you happier and more content. This allows you to drift off to sleep feeling at ease. Practicing yoga will also draw your focus meaning you won’t fret about stress and worry before bed.

There’s also the added benefit of being removed from an electronic device before bed. Studies have shown that being around phones and TV’s before bed can interrupt sleep. Yoga will allow you to disconnect and get your body into sync before going to sleep.

Best Night Time Yoga Poses

You can really practice any type of yoga before bed based on your needs of the day. Yoga instructors suggest practicing slow, relaxed yoga though. You want easy poses that you can move through slowly.

Child pose is one that we highly suggest. It allows you to feel relaxed and well stretched out. Night time yoga is less about getting a workout in and more about letting stress out. Plus, you don’t want to go to bed all sweaty.

Night Yoga Environment

The environment of nightly yoga can set a different mood than yoga at other times. Try doing it in a dim room, maybe only lit by candlelight. Choose your essential oils well. Scents like lavender aid with sleeping. You don’t even need to use your yoga mat for bedtime yoga either. Some people prefer to do it right in their bed so they can easily slip off when they’re ready.

Nightly Rituals

The best way to relax before bed is to incorporate yoga into your nightly ritual. There’s a reason as children our parents gave us a bedtime routine. Doing the same actions every night before bed tells our body it’s time to slow down. Yoga will only add to the calm and relaxed state many desire before drifting off.

Yoga is a great practice that has different benefits at every time of the day! Check out our schedule to come to one of our daytime yoga classes. We’ll see you soon. Namaste!