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6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Child’s Memory Including Yoga



In the digital age we live in, children’s ability to focus and retain information has diminished. A new study showed that people generally lose concentration after about 8 seconds. Children need a healthy memory in order to succeed in life. Here are 6 natural ways to help improve your child’s memory.


Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises, called pranayamas in the yoga community, help relax the mind and improve concentration. It can calm mental activity, help release negative emotions, and improve memory. Breathing exercises can be used in many situations by kids besides just improving memory. It can teach them how to calm down when upset, help them in sports, and aid them in meditation.



Physical exercise is important at all ages but especially in children. Exercise helps keep the brain sharp, increase oxygen to the brain, and reduces the risk of disorders that lead to memory loss. Working out, whether it’s running playing tag or playing a sport, can also get rid of the excess energy that builds up in kids and makes it hard for them to concentrate.



Yoga offers more than physical exercise. It helps kids get in touch with themselves while strengthening their mind, body, and soul. It teaches kids breathing exercises, how to slow their mind, and gives them fun poses. Yoga has also been proven to help with memory and concentration. Parent and kid yoga classes are also great bonding experiences.



What kids eat really impacts their brain function. Foods rich in antioxidants, good fats, and vitamins like fruits and vegetables help with their mental and physical health. Avoid feeding them sugary, artificial, and processed foods. Drinking lots of water can also help, as dehydration has negative effects on the brain’s ability to function.


Digital Detox

Pulling kids away from screens is a constant battle, and banning them forever isn’t realistic these days. Try setting firm screen times though, so that kids can have a break from staring at them. Constant exposure to digital gadgets is actually changing how the brain is structured and wired. This can negatively affect the brain’s ability to focus.



Encourage your kids to grab a book. Getting in a few minutes of reading every day can do wonders for your kid’s brain. Reading with them is even better so that you can ask them questions afterward to encourage retention.