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8 Tips to Fit Yoga Into A Busy Hectic Schedule

As back to school season now winds into full gear, and the holidays begin to loom over us, life starts to get busy. No matter what’s going on in your life, most of us struggle with fitting in exercise, relaxation, and “me” time into our hectic schedules. If you don’t have time to do a full yoga class, here are few tips to fit yoga, and more relaxation and mindfulness, into your busy life.


  1. Change your attitude and perception

Stop thinking of yoga in terms of structured yoga classes. Yoga is more of a lifestyle than anything. If you don’t have time to make it to the studio, squeeze in a quick session at home before cooking dinner. Or if you don’t have time for any mat yoga, take a few minutes at your desk to meditate. When you start thinking of yoga in looser terms, it’s easier to make time for it.


  1. Breathe consciously

Breathing is a huge part of yoga. Take the breathing lessons you learn in a class and use them in your daily life. Mindful breathing can help at any time and in any situation. It will bring relaxation, mindfulness, and control to your life.


  1. Remember posture

You should thank yoga for keeping you standing tall and straight. Be a mountain, like you learned in yoga, and remember proper posture. Shoulder back, not slouching, a straight spine, and a head held high will do wonders for your body and your confidence.


  1. Shower yoga

Ever thought about doing yoga in the shower? We definitely don’t recommend any crazy positions (there is a chance of slipping after all) but simple yoga stretches feel great in the shower. Squeeze your shoulder blades, open your chest, and bend your back. Let the water run down your body, and let the heat release your muscles. No matter if you shower in the morning or at night, doing some yoga is a great way to begin or end the day.


  1. Involve the kids

If you’re a parent, the worst part about a busy life is having to sacrifice time with your children. It’s a necessary evil that many parents struggle with. The good news is that kids can absolutely be involved in yoga too. Don’t feel guilty about leaving them behind. Get them excited about coming with your and build your bond during a yoga class.


  1. Practice mindfulness

You can be mindful at any time, for however long you want. Just take a few moments during the day to pause and soak in what’s happening. Be mindful while doing any and everything.


  1. Meditate at night

For some people, they turn to yoga as a method of meditating, relaxing, and connecting with their self. If you don’t have time for a class, take a few minutes before you sleep to meditate. Not only will meditation help calm your mind before bed, you’ll also end the day feeling satisfied you got those few precious minutes with yourself.


  1. Prioritize yourself

We spend a large portion of our lives dedicating time and energy to others. Whether you’re a parent or an employee, it becomes common to focus on others. There’s a reason airlines instruct people to put on their own oxygen mask before helping others. It’s because you can only take care of others when you’re okay. If you don’t take time for yourself, or take care of yourself, then you won’t be in a position to help those around you. So do yourself a favor and anyone else that relies on you, by prioritizing yourself sometimes. Whether that’s doing yoga or eating some cookies, put yourself first.


Check out our schedule to find a class that fits into your schedule. We offer yoga classes every day, all day. We hope to see you soon. Namaste!