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Top 10 Yoga Class Etiquette Rules

Yoga practice can be a great way to clear your mind, improve your posture, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and stamina and burn calories. Yoga is also convenient as you can do it in your home, outdoors or at a gym or yoga studio. If you choose to do yoga in a class with others, there are several a yoga etiquette rules you should follow. Below, you’ll find the top ten yoga etiquette rules, in no particular order.

Stay on the level. If you go to a class and notice that the exercises are being done at a level lower than you are capable of, don’t do any modifications that are much more advanced than your classmates.

Use the restroom before your yoga class. If you do need to use the restroom during a yoga class, you don’t need to ask for permission to leave; simply try to go during resting poses like child’s pose or downward dog.

Stay for Savasana. This portion of a yoga class is used for resting and relaxation. Skipping out of class before completing your Savasana is considered disrespectful to your yoga instructor. Besides, it is a very important part of practicing yoga.

Don’t be late! If anything, try to be there early so you can get the spot you want. If you’re more than six minutes late, it is best to just skip the class.

Turn your cell phone off. In fact, it’s best if you leave your phone in your car or locker if they’re available. If you must have it on for emergencies, be sure it is on silent.

Don’t pollute the air. By that we mean don’t wear too much perfume or scented lotions and don’t forget to wear deodorant. These two extremes on the scent scale can really distract those around you as deep breathing is an important part of a yoga workout.

Don’t be a Chatty Cathy. While yoga classes are a great way to spend time with friends or make new friends, this is not the place to gab. The environment should be quiet and serene.

Shoes off. Most yoga instructors require that students take their shoes off outside the yoga studio, so be sure to ask before the class.

Go on an empty(ish) stomach. It’s a good idea not to eat for at least two hours before your class, as a full stomach can make some moves difficult and might even cause embarrassing flatulence.

Wear comfortable clothing, but nothing that is overly revealing, as this could be a distraction. You should also avoid wearing any jewelry that might clang about or jingle as this can ruin the serene atmosphere.

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