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5 Interesting Facts About Laughter Yoga


Most people recognize the power of laughter, but did you know it can be combined with yoga for even better results? Laughter Yoga has been gaining popularity recently. Wondering what it’s all about? Here are a few interesting pieces of information about yoga laughter!


It Uses Prolonged Voluntary Laughter

Laughter Yoga is a practice that involves prolonged voluntary laughter. By forcing oneself to laugh the body experiences the same benefits as involuntary laughter. The same chemicals get released in the brain, which can boost one’s mood.


It’s Believed that Voluntary and Involuntary Laughter is the Same

Laughter yoga is built on the belief that the body experiences the same things from both voluntary and involuntary laughter. Laughter, regardless of what causes it, provides the same psychological and physiological benefits.


It Started in the 1990’s

Laughter yoga is a little newer compared to other forms of yoga practice. It started around the mid-1990’s and was popularized by Indian physician Madan Kataria. Back then laughter yoga was often practiced in open parks in the mid-morning.


There is Science to Back it Up

People may be surprised to learn that there is science to back up the benefits of laughter. Studies indicate that Laughter Yoga may have medical benefits such as boosting cardiovascular health and mood. It’s been shown to be especially helpful in older depressed females.


Laughter Helps Pain

Science also shows that one’s pain threshold becomes “significantly higher” after laughter. The laughter itself helps people, rather than the mood a person is in. This is because laughter produces an “endorphin-mediated opiate effect” that “plays a crucial role in social bonding”.