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Q&A: Should Yoga Be Practiced When Sick?

There is nothing worse than getting sick, whether it’s a full-force flu or a mild cold. Being sick can make the smallest tasks seem daunting. Some people see getting sick as an excuse to relax and skip the gym for a day. But hard-core yogis might struggle with taking a few days off.


So is it safe to practice yoga classes when you’re sick? Let’s find out.


It’s Not A Hard No

Although your mom and doctor would probably tell you to stay off the mat, some yoga poses can actually help your immune system. A yoga class might be just the thing to open up your clogged sinuses or give you a boost of energy.


But there’s a big difference between “should” and “can”. Can you practice yoga while sick? That’s a personal decision. Most yoga studios won’t kick you out for some sniffles, and unless your vomiting mid-class, they probably won’t know your sick. But should your practice while sick? That’s a little more complicated.


When To Stay Home

When we talk about sickness here, we’re referring to mild illnesses such as the common cold. Anyone with serious medical illnesses or conditions should consult their doctor for advice. It’s important not to push your body too hard, especially when it’s already working overtime to fight your illness. Exhausting your body is a quick way to weaken your immune system.


If you’re contagious, it’s probably a good idea to stay home. No one at your yoga studio will be happy if your patient zero for the flu outbreak. Breathing is also vital to yoga, and if you find that you can’t a yoga class might not be the smartest idea.


Tips For Safely Practicing

We get it, it’s hard for yogis to step off the mat and stay away for long. It’s important that you listen to your body. Rest is vital to getting healthy again, but how you rest it up to you.

Make sure you stay hydrated during the class. Dehydrated can be deadly and lead to further health complications. And if your doctor has ordered you to restrict physical activity, it’s probably a good idea to listing to them.

Do yourself, and your fellow classmates, a favor by disinfecting anything you touch during the class. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and be sure to wash your hands.

If you start to feel weak, tired, or dizzy, stop immediately. Switch to corpse pose or child’s pose to help regain your strength.



The key to safely practicing yoga while sick is to listen to your body, keep yourself hydrated, don’t exhaust yourself, and try to avoid spreading your germs. If you have a fever, are vomiting, or have received medical advice not to practice yoga we’d prefer you wait until your better to rejoin us. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Namaste!