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Tips for Being Healthier While at Work

New Year, New You! Let’s keep those resolutions going strong! You’re already doing a great job by regularly attending yoga classes in Delray Beach, but we could all use a few tips for staying healthy while at the office. You know, that place where there’s the frequent coffee shop runs for a sugary hot drink or that coworker that insists on bringing in their latest chocolate chip creation.

It can be hard to maintain this “new you”, but not if you make it a lifestyle change! Here are some of our tips for having a healthier work lifestyle.

1. Don’t Forget Breakfast!

It can be easy (for some) to forget to eat when they’re in a rush in the morning, but breakfast is key to staying energtic throughout the day – which means you’ll be more likely to make it to your after-work yoga class! Try making overnight chia seed pudding for a quick no-fuss breakfast.

2. Go for a Stroll

If you can get outside for even 5-10 minutes, a walk around the block will re-inspire your workday, rid your body of stress, and get in a few extra calories burned. If it’s too cold or busy for you to leave the building, even just walking around the office to talk to your coworkers in *gasp* person, rather then via e-mail is a great way to get up and moving!

3. Bring Delicious (& Nutritious) Snacks

Packing lunch is a great start, but don’t skimp out on the snacks! When your blood sugar drops in the mid afternoon and you start feeling sluggish, it’s easy to slip into just grabbing the first sugary snack you see. Be prepared by bringing some almonds or cut up fruit. If you have a small snack in between breakfast and lunch, then again in the mid-afternoon, you’ll keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day which will minimize cravings and keep your metabolism boosted!

4. Don’t Forget Your Yoga!

Even if you’re stuck at your desk, see if you can get creative and adapt some of your favorite yoga posts to be done seated. Stretching will get the blood flowing after you’ve been sitting for hours and open up your upper body after hunching over all day.

Maybe you can even drop by our studio for a lunch-time yoga class!

Do you have any other tips for staying healthy while at work? Share them in the comments below!