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These Are The 8 Most Yoga-Obsessed States In The US

Yoga’s popularity continues to boom in the US. Every year more people sign up for yoga classes, train to become a yoga teacher, or open up a yoga studio. The yoga craze doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. While the whole country seems to have realized the benefits of this practice, these 8 states are the most yoga-obsessed!


  1. Maine

One of the most Northern states, Maine borders our healthy neighbor Canada. People in Maine seem to love yoga as much as they love lobster!


  1. Pennsylvania

Philadelphia can be credited as the city that launched Pennsylvania on this list. Residents of this city are extremely health-orientated. In fact, they’re 42% more likely to practice yoga than the general US population.


  1. California

Is anyone surprised that Cali is on this list? All the major cities in California, such as San Diego, LA, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, have booming yoga scenes. In fact, some people credit California for the huge popularity of yoga.


  1. Colorado

Denver is the US most interested in yoga, so it’s no surprise that Colorado makes the list. In fact, Denver consistently ranks as one of the healthiest US cities. Yoga and Colorado go hand-in-hand.


  1. Washington

Seattle is a hotbed of yoga lovers. Washington might be rainy, but it’s shining with yoga love. Yoga is extremely affordable and accessible in Washington, with tons of programs offering free or discounted classes to the public.


  1. New York

Residents of New York City are 34% more likely to practice yoga than the general public. New York offers some of the best yoga studios and events.


  1. Alaska

This arctic state loves warming up with some yoga. Yoga has quickly become a favorite method of warming up, staying fit, and entertainment for Alaskan residents.


  1. Vermont

Coming in at number one, laid back Vermont takes the spot. This yoga-loving state is all for healthy, green living. Vermont boasts the highest number of yoga studios per capita in the US!



Sadly, Florida doesn’t make the list this year, but as more studios pop up that might change. Be sure to check out our schedule to book one of our amazing yoga classes! We look forward to seeing you. Namaste!