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Studies Suggest Yoga Can Slow Down Harmful Effects of Stress

There are a lot of reasons people turn to yoga. Maybe they’re in it for the physical exercise, maybe it’s to gain more flexibility, or maybe it’s to lower their stress level. Yogis have often said that yoga can reduce the harmful effects of stress but now there’s data to back it up.


Stress Effects

Research shows that stress accounts for 60-80% of visits to primary care doctors. Doctors call chronic low-grade inflammation in the body “inflammaging”, and one of the main causes of inflammaging is stress. Inflammaging is linked to conditions like depression, diabetes, heart disease, and a weakened immune system. So if stress causes physical effects, it’s only reasonable to assume that lowering stress will halt this.


Yoga and Stress

Several studies done recently show just that. Yoga, which promotes itself as a calming, relaxing, self-loving practice, could slow down the harmful physical effects that stress has on the body. It seems that the claims yoga has been making for years is actually true.


Multiple studies on yoga and stress all reveal that yoga that includes poses, meditation, and breathing all result in better mental and physical health.


Real Life

So how do we recommend implementing the knowledge from this data into your life? By practicing yoga of course.


Even simple breathing exercises and stretches are likely to show results. These can be practiced anywhere and at any time. Do some quick breathing exercises at your work desk or take a few minutes to do some simple poses before running out. A few moments a day on yoga can greatly impact your stress level, and therefore your mental and physical health.



Yoga is the perfect exercise for anyone, but especially for those that are dealing with stress. Come by to see for yourself how yoga can change your life. Check out our schedule or stop by the studio to sign up for a class today. We look forward to seeing you to introducing you to the relaxing practice of yoga.