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Yoga Poses for a Good Nights Sleep

Yoga is great for relaxing and letting go of stress before bed. Poses such as forward folds and reclining postures can signal to your nervous system that it’s time to hit the sack and catch some zzz’s! These are some of our favorite yoga poses to practice before bed to have a good nights sleep.

1. Standing Forward Fold

To begin your nighttime yoga routine, start in the classic Standing Forward Fold. Stand with your feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent. Drape your torso along your thighs, making contact if you can and if it feels good.

Allow your head and neck to fully relax and hang down towards the floor. Grasp opposing elbows with your hands. Relax and breathe here for 10 to 15 breaths.

2. Shoulder Stand

Transition to this cooling position that draws your attention and focus inwards. Use props for support if needed to ensure your safety. This posture is great for relaxing tense neck, back, or shoulder issues. Stay in this pose for 10 to 15 breaths.

3. Seated Forward Fold

Slowly roll into seating position, allowing your body to fold over. You can use a pillow on your legs to provide added comfort for your torso and head to fully relax into the pose. You should feel your mind beginning to quiet and your breath become longer.

4. Legs Up the Wall

Simply sit close to the wall with your legs resting vertically to the wall, extended up towards the ceiling. You should feel a gentle stretch in your hamstrings as you straighten.

If you feel a strain, move your seat a few inches from the wall until you do not feel a pull. Allow your arms to fall out to the sides and breathe.

5. Childs Pose

Finish your bedtime yoga practice with the classic childs pose. You can do any variation that feels best for you. Knees together, putting a pillow or bolster over your legs, making a pillow with your hands for your head to rest upon, letting your arms lie by your sides – anything that feels good. Rest here until you are ready for sleep!

Do you have any other favorite bedtime yoga poses? Let us know below! And when you’ve woken up well rested, why not stop by for a morning yoga class at our Delray Beach yoga studio!