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What Makes A Good Yoga Instructor

An amazing yoga instructor can make all the difference. They have the power to convert someone to a yogi, to inspire someone, or to motivate change. They’re not just fitness instructors, they’re also spiritual guides and life coaches all wrapped into one.

There’s no singular type of good yoga teacher. Each brings with them something unique and special! But here are a few qualities that the best yoga class instructors all seem to have.

1.    They connect with the class

A great yoga teacher knows how to connect with the class that they’re teaching. Some do this by getting to know people’s names and others do it just through eye contact. Either way, a good teacher can lead a class of 50 just as effectively as a class of 5 all the while maintaining this connection.

2.    They don’t judge or have an ego

Fear of judgment, especially from a professional, is a big reason why people don’t join yoga classes or go back to them. A good teacher understands that yoga is about having a positive experience far more than it’s about perfection. Not only will they not judge or embarrass students that make mistakes, they know how to laugh at themselves when they make mistakes too. A yoga teacher without ego is far less concerned with being right than they are about sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and passion for yoga.

3.    They let their personality shine

No matter what we do in life, we always do it better when we come from an authentic place. This is even more important when teaching others. People often look at yoga as a serious affair. But a few jokes, some smiles, and a bright personality go a long way in promoting a light-hearted, relaxing environment. A class is far more enjoyable and relaxing when there isn’t a stiff rigidness. Letting one’s personality shine also promotes openness that yogis enjoy.

4.    They come prepared

Not every yoga class is structured down to the pose and breathing count. Some of the best yoga instructors teach a class based on the feel of it. But a good yoga teacher will at least haven given thought into how they will teach a class. They’ll have an idea of poses and flow even if they end up modifying them later. A good, well-prepared yoga instructor will also be sure to arrive early and have everything set up.

5.    They cater to all levels

While some yoga classes specify a certain yoga level (beginner, intermediate, expert) a lot are open level. A good yoga instructor both recognizes the range of abilities and accommodates for that. Offering variations of poses can do this. Makes sure that beginners feel comfortable and that more experienced people feel challenged are also a part of catering to all levels.

6.    They have a watchful eye

No, we don’t mean that a yoga instructor should breath down everyone’s neck, criticizing positions. But a good instructor will keep a watchful eye on the students in the class, not for perfection reasons but for safety ones. They know how to gently guide students out of potentially dangerous or harmful positioning without embarrassing them. The last thing people taking a yoga class want is a teacher that is blind to their struggles.

We have excellent yoga instructors that are knowledgeable and experienced with a variety of styles and levels. Sign up for a class to find out for yourself! See you there! 🙂