Covid-19 Update

Join us for our first Aerial Silks class Tuesday, Sept 23rd at 8:30am at Delray Beach

Experience Aerial Silks yoga at our next class!

The yoga world is being turned upside down — literally — with Aerial Silks! Delray Beach Aerial Yoga is a new type of Yoga that uses an aerial silks hammock as a tool to help students achieve the traditional Yoga positions. Aerial Yoga is designed to increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having FUN!!

This new and innovative form of Yoga will help the body decompress through zero-compression inversion therapy, while having a playful yoga Practice. Delray Beach Aerial Yoga is uniquely developed for beginners through all levels of experience. No previous aerial, acrobatic, or Yoga experience is necessary.

We use a yoga prop called the “Delray Beach Yoga Swing” which allows the student a safe and fun way to strengthen each posture. It looks like a hammock but mainly supports you so that you can move your body horizontally, vertically or upside down. You are able to try any yoga posture with this prop. All the swing are made out of 100% silk and washed after every class. Every portion of the Delray Beach Yoga Swing is able to hold over 2000 pounds. The points in the ceiling where the swing has been placed, is done by a professional contractor and certified by an engineer.

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