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5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Teenagers


We were all teenagers once, in the throes of angst and confusion that mark adolescents. Being a teenager can be overwhelming, which is why yoga is such a great experience for teens. It can help them deal with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes that adolescents go through. Here are a few benefits of starting yoga early in life.


1. Help with Stress Management

Yoga is a great stress manager for people of all ages. The rhythmic flowing between poses, the focus on breathing techniques, and the mindfulness it teaches all aid in relaxing. Teenagers deal with more stress than we give them credit for, so yoga is a great outlet for them to unleash it all.


2. Aids in Weight Management

Stress and hormonal changes can lead to overeating and weight gain. Teenagers tend to be more focus on their physical appearance due to the physical changes that happen at these times and societal pressures. Yoga is a great form of physical exercise that will help them get fit and healthy.


3. Improves Body Images

Yoga does more than helps keep weight at a healthy level. Practicing yoga gets one in touch with their body, which improves body images. Teenagers, especially young girls, are more prone to eating disorders, self-hatred, poor self-esteem, and negative body images. Yoga promotes self-awareness and acceptance, which help teens overcome any poor self-image they have.


4. Builds Physical Strength

While yoga seems like a passive activity, it’s hard work. It engages a person mental, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Yoga can build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and help with overall physical fitness. It’s also a great exercise that can compliment other sports and exercise teens might be in to.


5. Develops Cognitive Function

Teenager’s brains are still developing at their age. Yoga has been proven to help improve mood and cognitive function, especially in terms of memory and concentration. Practicing yoga can help teens do better in school, which is definitely a plus.


Final Thoughts

Yoga is a wonderful practice for people of all ages. Adolescence is a time in life where change, stress, confusion, and unpredictability are the norm. That’s why it’s important to provide teens with outlets that help with this. Yoga provides many wonderful benefits. Check out our schedule and sign your teenager up for a class today!