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5 Tips For Caring For Your Yoga Mat


Ah, yoga mats. Whether you’re a yogi that is thrilled by new mats or one that clings to their old one out of nostalgia, taking care of your mat is important. Maintaining your yoga mat is vital to avoid getting injured, sick, or just annoying fellow members in your class. After all, no one wants to practice next to the person with the smelly mat. Here are a few great tips for caring for your yoga mat and keeping it fresh.


Tip 1: Hand Wash It

There are tons of tips for tossing your yoga mat into the washing machine, and some brands are even creating machine friendly mats. But nothing beats the tried-and-trusted method of hand washing it. Simply use a wet washcloth with soapy water and wipe down your mat. This helps avoid tears and bumps that can appear from machine-washing them.


Tip 2: Clean It Often

Similarly to make up brushes, people often don’t clean their yoga mats as frequently as they should. While a thorough cleaning probably isn’t necessary every day, we recommend you at least wipe down your mat with a damp cloth after every use. This will remove the sweat and dirt that gathers on it during yoga sessions and keeps it from getting smelly.


Tip 3: Add Essential Oil

Whether you’ve bought a mat spray or created your own mixture, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils is a great way to freshen it up. Essential oils have amazing properties such as promoting relaxation and energy. It might be subtle, but a whiff of citrus from your mat might be just what you need to push through a pose. Plus, your fellow yogis would rather smell eucalyptus or lavender than sweat.


Tip 4: Air Dry

New mats tend to have a smell to them. This can easily be remedied by air-drying it outside for a day or two. This is also great for damp mats after cleaning. The fresh air and UV rays do wonders. If you can’t hang them outside, try hanging them near a window. Whatever you do, don’t put them in the dryer.


Tip 5: Dry Before Rolling

This is probably the biggest mistake people make with their mats. They roll them up before they’re fully dried. This can cause moisture to get trapped, creating mold or a musty smell. While you might have to roll it up after a class at a yoga studio to get home, make sure you unroll it and dry it out once you arrive.



Small, simple maintenance tips can extend your yoga mats life. A quick wipe down after uses and allowing it to dry are easy ways to prevent damage. If you want to learn more feel free to contact us. Also be sure to check out one of our great yoga classes and sign up today. We look forward to seeing you, Namaste!