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Yoga for Weight loss & Healthy Living

You may think that it’s gentle poses and deep breathing aren’t as calorie-burning and sweat-inducing as bootcamps or spinning classes, but it’s full-body workout can improve your overall muscle tone and help you trim weight.

“Power” yoga practices such as Vinyasa yoga can accelerate calorie burning by combining strength, flexibility and cardio. During a typical class, deep breathing techniques increase your body temperature helping to flush our toxins and boost your lymphatic system and organs.

In addition, all types of yoga classes help you be more in tune with your body and what it’s trying to tell you. You may hear it tell you that you’re full instead of over indulging, or that a particular food doesn’t digest well with your system that you should avoid. Food cravings are often decreased by the increased sensitivity to your physiological needs, so instead of grabbing a sweet treat, you may find yourself finding a more nourishing snack such as bananas. Use this higher level of awareness to help you make healthier eating choices and decrease mindless eating.

While trying to burn calories during yoga is fine, proper posture and alignment should not be over looked. Ensure you’re always paying attention to your body and how it is feeling in each position. Over exerting yourself can lead to injuries and downtime, negatively impacting your overall fitness.

Most importantly, people lose weight practicing yoga because they actually enjoy doing it regularly. When there’s a desire to consistently keep up with your practice and it becomes engrained in your daily life, you’re more likely to reach your goals.

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