• Adorable Animals Doing Yoga

    Adorable Animals Doing Yoga

    You love animals, and you love yoga. So then it only makes sense that you love animals doing yoga, right?

    If you need a little bit of “awwww” in your day, a bit of a pick me up, or just a little bit of fun, check out these adorable animals doing yoga.

    Even Giraffes Need a Little Child’s Pose


    Not Seal Pose… But King Cobra


    How It Feels Doing Locust Pose After Eating Too Much


    There’s Nothing Like a Good Seated Forward Fold


    “Am I Doing This Right?”


    Have You Ever Seen Such a Cute (and Fluffy) Cobra Pose?


    Did you love these animals doing yoga? What’s your favorite yoga pose named after an animal? Share with us in the comments below!