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5 Uplifting Affirmations to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

Want to cultivate that amazing energy you feel after a good yoga session towards a specific area of your life you want to improve? You can do so by working with utilizing positive affirmations to inspire your everyday life!

Setting your intention

Take a few moments at the start of your practice to close your eyes and plant the seed of intention in your mind. As you move and breathe, you can then direct your efforts towards that internal goal.

To really reinforce that positive message, take a minute or two to meditate on your intention at the end of your practice. Once the seed’s been planted, you can water it with your words and actions off the mat, which can in turn uplift and inspire other people too.

1. “I feel connected.”

I know how easy it is to take too much on and find yourself running around in circles. During these times, your mind can start to go along a different path than the one your body is on. This often leads you to feeling scattered, and it’s not unusual to make poor choices from that space.

When that happens to me, I use this intention to reclaim that beautiful sense of mind-body connection which always leaves me feeling calm, quiet, and content.

2. “My mind is relaxed and clear.”

You may have had a stressful day at work or in your personal life, but it’s time to let it all go. When your mind is racing, work with this intention to reaffirm your mind that it is relaxed and at peace.

3. “Inhale joy, exhale love.”

Ah, I love using the breath to facilitate a more uplifted state of being! You can replace mine with any positive words that resonate with you, but for me, joy and love are two emotions that elevate my vibration to a magical place.

I will often reinforce this affirmation whilst I’m practicing, particularly when I’m holding a challenging pose for a little longer than I may want to.

4. “I am love.”

Kinda self-explanatory, this short, sweet, and simple affirmation can be really comforting if you’re having one of those weeks… It’s like giving yourself a big hug on the inside.

And honestly, when you repeat these three simple words often, you start to feel so much love for others. What a way to make sure your love tap never runneth dry!

5. “Everything I need is already within me.”

This is such a powerful message to send to the deeper mind. It’s human nature to look outside of ourselves for happiness and contentment. But the truth is, happiness and contentment come from the way we see things, not from the things themselves.

Once we start to realize this, we start to realize happiness and contentment, instead of trying to receive them from something or someone.

Realizing your affirmation

Even though you can use these positive affirmations off the mat, I find that when I’m practicing, my mind and body are so much more open to these messages – which obviously makes them way more effective.

Do any of these resonate with you? Let us know what works best for aligning your life with positive energy! Come try out a meditation class to enhance your state of mindfulness.