• The Truth About Being a Yoga Lover

    The Truth About Being a Yoga Lover

    Yoga lovers aren’t like everyone else. We have our own quirky habits that non-yogis just don’t understand.

    These ten truths are proof that you’re no longer a yoga-newbie and once you have them, you know you’ve evolved into a genuine yoga addict. Welcome to the yoga lover club, my friends!

    1. You’re always trying to get your friends to join you.


    Come on, guys, just try it already!

    2. Your whole wardrobe has changed.


    Because who really needs to wear regular pants? Jeans? What are those?

    3. You schedule your life around your yoga class—not the other way around.


    I’d really love to come to your party, but I’ve got Vinyasa Flow that day. Sorry!

    4. You feel a special bond with other yoga lovers, even if they’re perfect strangers.


    It feels good to meet another kindred spirit. We’re pretty much besties already.

    5. You can’t vacation without a yoga studio nearby.


    Umm, there’s no yoga classes at this 5 star luxury villa resort? No thanks, I’ll stay home and go to my favorite Delray Beach yoga studio.

    6. You’re willing to spend a little more for high-quality gear.


    You definitely DO NOT want to be doing your downward dog and have those yoga pants rip. Not to say that Target doesn’t make a mean pair of yoga pants. It’s all about finding the perfect pair. We still love us some Lululemon too.

    7. Your idea of “dieting” has changed.

    Health Food

    Diet? Have you TRIED an avocado? They are like gods gift to the world. Delicious healthy fats, BOOM.

    8. Selfies have taken on a whole new meaning.


    Duck face selfies are so 2012. Now you can show off your awesome new yoga pose you’ve perfected – and even the ones you’re still working on.

    9. Your friends are amazed by your new blissed-out attitude.


    Yeah, that Delray Beach yoga class I mentioned you should totally come with me to? You should totally come. Or you could just keep stressing out and not have a completely relaxing 60 minute session that leaves you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day. Your call. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    10. You get frustrated with your practice, but you keep coming back no matter what!


    We are resilient! We are yogis! See us perfect that pose!

    What other yoga truths can you think of? Share in the comments below! And in the meantime, your friend is probably dying to go to yoga class with you now – so stop by our Delray Beach yoga studio for some yogi fun!