• Delray Beach Yoga Studio

    Bamboo Garden – Delray Beach Yoga Studio Located at 88 SE 4th Ave in Delray Beach, this Yoga studio is the go-to place for the local community to get started or enhance their yoga practice! Bamboo Garden Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes including gentle yoga, vinyasa, aerial silks, and more. Our instructors are

  • 5 Uplifting Affirmations to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

    Want to cultivate that amazing energy you feel after a good yoga session towards a specific area of your life you want to improve? You can do so by working with utilizing positive affirmations to inspire your everyday life! Setting your intention Take a few moments at the start of your practice to close your

  • Yoga in Delray Beach

    Today in Yoga in Delray Beach … Our Yoga classes today include BurnCYCLE indoor cycling, Gentle Vinyasa, Balance & Coordination, Meditation, C4 Circuit, and Aerial Silks! Stop by our yoga studio or sign up for a class online by viewing the SCHEDULE! If you’re looking to improve your yoga practice or just get in more

  • Yoga for Weight loss & Healthy Living

    You may think that it’s gentle poses and deep breathing aren’t as calorie-burning and sweat-inducing as bootcamps or spinning classes, but it’s full-body workout can improve your overall muscle tone and help you trim weight. “Power” yoga practices such as Vinyasa yoga can accelerate calorie burning by combining strength, flexibility and cardio. During a typical