• 5 Interesting Facts About Laughter Yoga

      Most people recognize the power of laughter, but did you know it can be combined with yoga for even better results? Laughter Yoga has been gaining popularity recently. Wondering what it’s all about? Here are a few interesting pieces of information about yoga laughter!   It Uses Prolonged Voluntary Laughter Laughter Yoga is a

  • Tips for Finding the Right Yoga Class For You

      Not all yoga classes are the same. When people hear “yoga” many think of one singular type, but yoga is more of a category. There are many different types of yoga, each offering its own benefits. Finding the right yoga class isn’t always easy, but we promise there is a class out there for

  • Research Proves Again That Yoga Can Improve Mental Health

      Yogis have long believed that yoga cannot only improve one’s physical and spiritual health but also their mental wellbeing. Over the past few years’ studies and research has been done that supports this. Even so, many hospitals and clinics are still reluctant to see yoga as a viable recommendation for improving mental health.  

  • 6 Facts About Yoga You Might Not Know

    6 Facts About Yoga You Might Not Know

      Yoga has become insanely popular. With all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits it provides us, it’s easy to understand why! Despite its wide reach, there is still a lot about the practice of yoga that people don’t know. Here are a few facts about it that may surprise you!   Yogis