• 10 Tips For Your First Yoga Class

    Yoga classes are suitable as well as beneficial for all individuals—despite of age or fitness level—but it is also necessary to adjust your yoga practice to fit your body and specific requirements. If you have decided to start doing yoga, you probably want to know what to expect in your first yoga class. Do not

  • Eight Benefits of Hatha Hot Yoga Classes

    Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for a beginner Hatha Hot yoga class in the infamous hot room: 1. Flexibility: No, you won’t be forced into contortionist positions. The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility in beginner’s postures, which is therapeutic for your body (see number seven).

  • Boost Your Energy With Yoga

    Boost Your Energy With Yoga

    Eating the right diet for yoga, sleeping enough, and keeping well hydrated go a long way towards feeling full of vitality and focus. However, we live in a busy world. Managing the above components is not always easy. Yoga, with its unique synergy of body and breath work, is perfect when your reserves are running

  • What To Eat Before Yoga Class

    What To Eat Before Yoga Class

    How often do you ask yourself that question?! It comes up pretty often, and the short answer is: nothing. Try your best not to eat for at least two hours before you practice. It’s important what you do with those couple of hours before you head to yoga class, to give your body nutrition it