• Yoga May Help Those With Asthma

    We all know that being active has a positive effect on our bodies, but for those suffering from health conditions like asthma, exercise has the potential of triggering an attack. The risk of this causes many people with asthma to be reluctant to embrace certain exercises.   Asthma, a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway,

  • Nike Finally Launching Yoga Specific Clothing

    Nike Finally Launching Yoga Specific Clothing

    When it comes to athletic apparel brands, Nike is clearly the king. Nike has established itself internationally as one of the top athletic brands. They offer apparel lines for nearly every sport out there, but now they’re finally adding another- yoga. Nike just recently announced that they will be released their first yoga-specific apparel collection

  • Educators Turning to Yoga to Support Children’s Behavior

      For most early childhood educators, behavioral challenges in children are one of the most taxing aspects of their day-to-day work. Behavioral issues such as inattention, hyper-arousal, withdrawal, anger, frustration, learning difficulties, social anxiety, ADHD, and ODD are just a few of the common challenges educators face.   Due to children’s’ brains still developing, many

  • 5 Self-Care Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

    The holidays can be an exciting time. From presents to yummy food, there is a lot to look forward to. But the holidays can also bring feelings of stress and anxiety. Seeing family, traveling, managing money, and juggling schedules can be tough. Self-care is always important, but especially during the holiday times. Take care of