• 5 Tips to Make it Through a Hot Yoga Class

    Hot yoga has become incredibly popular in recent years. This form of yoga has tons of benefits. The heat in the room warms up the muscles, which makes it easier to flow into challenging poses. As wonderful as this style of yoga is, it’s not always easy for beginners to make it through a class. Here are a few useful tips!


    Stay Hydrated

    Don’t start drinking water right before or during class. By drinking water throughout the day your body has time to absorb the water. This will keep you hydrated through the class even as you sweat. It’s still a smart idea to bring plenty of water to class and keep drinking it.


    Bring Multiple Towels

    How much people sweat depends on the individuals’ body, but expect to sweat more in a hot yoga class. Yoga mats don’t do a great job of absorbing sweat so make sure to bring a few towels. No one wants to slip while trying to balance! A smaller towel to wipe off in-between or after is a good idea too.


    Dress Appropriately

    Wearing the right clothes is important, especially when it comes to hot yoga. Keep comfort and temperature in mind. The light and more spare clothing the better. This will help keep your body cool. Don’t fret about makeup or hair either- everyone comes out looking like a sweaty mess!


    Arrive Early

    Florida might always be hot and humid, but it’s still a good idea to give your body time to adjust to the environment of the room. Going from a cold building to a hot yoga class can be a dangerous shock to your system.



    Breathing is obviously important at any time, especially during yoga. Due to the heat in hot yoga, you may feel light-headed or overheated. This is common amongst beginners so don’t feel embarrassed. Simply go into a restorative position like child’s pose to recover. Trust us, passing out is way more embarrassing than taking a quick breather.


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