• The Most Underrated Yoga Poses

    The Most Underrated Yoga Poses

    Once you’ve been practicing yoga for awhile, you may find yourself going back to the same poses over and over, often completely forgetting about some of these top underrated yoga poses. However, don’t fret – we are here to remind you of these awesome poses for you to incorporate into your daily yoga routine! Let’s get started:

    Toe Squat

    When on your hands and knees, lean backwards onto your raised heels and stretch your toes. This pose may start off easy but will feel pretty intense after a few minutes. Focus on breathing and stretching your toes.

    Seated Forward Bend Pose

    This forward bend calms the nervous system and the mind, relieving any stress or anxiety. You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings and calves as you bend forwards and a lengthening of the spine. Try to get your head to your shins and round your back.

    Legs-up-the-Wall Pose

    Considered to be a beginner-level inversion, this pose offers many benefits such as boosting your energy and mood, reducing headaches and improving circulation.

    Extended Puppy Pose

    This is a combo of downward dog & child’s pose and is especially great as a prenatal yoga mode to relieve nausea or vertigo! Try holding this pose for 30 seconds while breathing deeply.

    Sphinx Pose

    This pose is an alternative to Cobra pose, which some people may find uncomfortable. This pose gives you the opportunity to focus on lifting your upper body and open your chest upwards.

    Do you have any favorite underrated yoga poses that you wish were practiced more often? Let us know! We are always open to suggestions and feedback. See you at our next class at our Delray Beach yoga studio!