• Q&A: Is Yoga Better In a Class or Alone?

    One of the great things about yoga is that it is extremely easy to customize and individualize. It’s about making connections and realizations within you. For some people, that is done by practicing alone and for others, a yoga class is a better setting. Most yogis do both. Even yoga teachers get too busy to

  • 12 Yoga Quotes To Keep You Inspired On and Off The Mat

    Have you ever encountered a quote that just struck you so deeply? Maybe one that inspired you or stuck with you your whole life? Sometimes all it takes is a few words to change your life, body, mind, and spirit. Let these quotes keep you inspired both on and off the yoga mat! “If you

  • How To Clean Your Yoga Equipment

    How To Clean Your Yoga Equipment

    Keeping your yoga equipment clean is important. Viruses, bacteria, germs, and fungus love sweaty places, such as unclean gym equipment – not to mention, they can start to smell. Make sure you keep your yoga mats, clothing, and other equipment properly clean by following these quick and easy tips between yoga classes.   Yoga Mats

  • Free Yoga for Military Veterans with Connected Warriors

    Free Yoga for Military Veterans with Connected Warriors

    At Bamboo Garden Yoga studio we proudly support the Connected Warriors Inc, which works to offer free yoga classes to military veterans. It’s a program we strongly believe in, and here’s why we support yoga for veterans. Connected Warrior The Connected Warriors Inc is aimed at providing evidence-based Trauma-Conscious yoga therapy programs. It is about