• Benefits of Bedtime Yoga

    Benefits of Bedtime Yoga

    Yoga is an exercise all about relaxation and self-revelation. Due to the grounding and calming nature of this practice, there are many benefits of doing yoga before bedtime. While many people promote exercise first thing in the morning for energy, night time exercise is also incredibly beneficial. Benefits of Bedtime Yoga As you practice yoga

  • Q&A: Should I Focus On One Style of Yoga or Many?

    Q&A: Should I Focus On One Style of Yoga or Many?

    This is a question yoga instructors get asked a lot. Is it better for people to focus on one style of yoga class or practice multiple styles? There are merits to both. Sticking with a single style of yoga has its benefits. You get a deeper understanding and appreciation for it. A single style has

  • What Makes A Good Yoga Instructor

    What Makes A Good Yoga Instructor

    An amazing yoga instructor can make all the difference. They have the power to convert someone to a yogi, to inspire someone, or to motivate change. They’re not just fitness instructors, they’re also spiritual guides and life coaches all wrapped into one. There’s no singular type of good yoga teacher. Each brings with them something

  • Meaning of Spiritual Yoga Symbols

    Meaning of Spiritual Yoga Symbols

    Yoga can be both a form of exercise and a form of spiritual centering. It all depends on what you want out of it. It isn’t necessary to adhere, acknowledge, or even believe in the spiritual aspects of yoga in order to enjoy it. Some people use yoga classes simply a form of physical activity,