• Celebrate the Autumn Equinox With These Balancing Yoga Poses

    It might not feel like Fall in Florida, but it officially is today. September 22nd marks to Autumn Equinox and beginning of fall. The Autumn Equinox marks when the night and day are of equal length. Because of this, many people view the equinoxes as a day of balance. If light and dark are in

  • 7 Crazy Yoga Classes That Actually Exists

    7 Crazy Yoga Classes That Actually Exists

    Yoga is about relaxation, balance, and connections. Not everyone finds those things in the same manner though. Luckily, yoga classes are a constantly evolving practice. As its popularity continues to spread, more people are adding fun elements to classes. These elements might be a little surprising, some even a little weird, but not everyone learns

  • Q&A: Is It Safe For Seniors and Older Adults To Practice Yoga?

    Yoga can be practiced by people of any age! From children to senior citizens, yoga is the perfect exercise. Yoga is great because almost any pose can be modified to fit an individual. So if you have arthritis, limited mobility, or other health issues, there will be an alternative pose to accommodate that.   Listen

  • How Safe Is It To Practice Yoga During Pregnancy?

    How Safe Is It To Practice Yoga During Pregnancy?

    When women find out they’re pregnant they’re faced with the struggle of finding the balance between getting enough exercise and not overdoing it. Yoga classes can be an extremely beneficial exercise during pregnancy, but there are certain precautions that should be taken.   Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Prenatal yoga has tons of benefits for both